About Dave Perry

Dave Perry is the previous owner of The Vocal Studio in Oshawa a very successful vocal instruction school.  He has come out of retirement to become a partner at North Shore Music on Hay Bay in Greater Napanee, Ontario with Dave Curran.

Dave is a professional musician, singer, keyboard player, drummer, singer, trombone player, percussionist, song writer, producer, vocal coach, band coach…

Dave has been a professional musician since 1971.  He got his first set of drums in 1968 and played drums and sang until 1975 when he became a front man until retiring from the band circuit in 1985.

Dave started teaching vocals in 1982 and retired when he moved to Greater Napanee.  Dave missed the music and helping others that he decided to come out of retirement.

Dave has assisted recording artists and students with their song writing, vocal arrangements, and production in the recording studio.

Dave has played with the following bands:  Image, Nasty Kat, Inner City Band, Scott Street, and the MLP Teacher’s Band.

He has written music (and played) for television and radio commercials.  Dave has done voice overs for commercials as well, including character voices.

Dave Perry lived in Oshawa most of his life but moved to the Kingston area a few years ago.  He is now teaching via the Internet so it does not matter where you live, you can take advantage of his experience and expertise to improve your vocals and/or song writing.

Once construction is complete on the Loft, Dave will be offering both private and group vocals at the north shore location on Hay Bay in Greater Napanee.  He will be using his expertise and experience to mentor bands and vocal groups with all aspects.

Bragging rights:
Over the years Dave have enjoyed watching students succeed in their musical endeavors.  He has also had the pleasure of working with some of the finest musicians in the country.

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