Scott Street Performs Toto

I Won’t Hold You Back

Another oldie dating back to December 1983. The Scott Street Band hired a group of Ryerson students to film part or their performance. We’re taking you back to that night and to the Holiday Inn’s Auto Pub in Oshawa, Ontario.

Dave Perry, the lead singer, in the Scott Street Band, is the voice coach at North Shore Music in Napanee. Dave loves to play the role of voice coach, vocal coach, or singing teacher (whatever you would like to call him) give Dave a call now to set up a voice lesson online.

Online vocals will continue for your convenience even after we are able to open the North Shore Music’s studio again for in-person private, group, and band lessons and mentoring.

The Scott Street Band

For this Toto song, the band members play the following:

Dave Perry: Lead Vocals
Linda Begg: Backup Vocals
Dean Rundle: Guitar and Backup Vocals
Brett Pieckarz: Keyboards
Orrin Baird: Soprano Sax
Randy Begg: Drums
Bill Hall: Bass
Paul Smith: Sound Man
A Group of Ryerson Students: Lighting and Video

Deb Dart Performs Live!

Deb Dart, performs live at The Old Book Store Cafe this Sunday, January 27 at 1 p.m. Deb will perform her solo act with her husband, Charlie Dart, backing her up on the congas.

Deb is a North Shore Music student AND a member of our house band, The Shore Things.

Deb Dart Live at The Old Book Store Cafe

The Old Book Store Cafe

Check out The Old Book Store Cafe’s Facebook page for details and directions by clicking the link above. See you there!

At North Shore Music, we like to think of our instructors as coaches. They will work with you to have you playing or singing the songs that you really want to do quickly. We also have a band program, so if your dream is to play in a band that is also an option. You do not have to take private lessons with us to join the band program.

To see more of our student accomplishments click here.

When Heaven Calls My Name

When Heaven Calls My Name was born when one of the students Dave Perry was coaching, Debra Tsinokas, decided that she wanted to put music to some poems she had written.  Dave wrote the music and helped Debra put it all together.  When everything was ready to go Dave and Debra went to D & D Music Productions and recorded it.  A total of 5 songs were recorded and put on the Shine The Light CD.

North Shore Music can assist you with your songwriting and recording projects for just about any genre of music.

Written By: Debra Tsinokas and Dave Perry

Arranged And Produced By: Dave Perry and Dave Tkaczuk

Engineered By: Dave Tkaczuk

Recorded At: D & D Music Productions

When Heaven Calls My Name Lyrics

We journey through this life together

And there are lessons and new challenges each day

But I have placed my faith in Christ my saviour

He gives me strength as I trust Him, day by day

When Heaven calls my name I want to ride the clouds to glory

I want to see my saviour’s face And hear him tell His life’s story

I want to know of this great love that brought HIm from His throne above

To take my place I’ll thank Him for His grace

When heaven calls my name

When the journey here is over

I will see the one I’ve trusted with my life

He is the one I gave my heart and soul to

And the one who gave his life for you and me

When Heaven calls my name

I want to ride the clouds to glory

I want to see my saviour’s face

And hear him tell His life’s story

I want to know of this great love that brought HIm from His throne above

To take my place I’ll thank Him for His grace

When heaven calls my name

North Shore Music Celebrates Canada Day With Family And Friends

Made in Canada!
Made In Canada!

The Shore Things entertained family and friends, for the first time, on Canada Day 2018.  On a day that was 33 degrees with a humidex of 40, it was so hot and humid that both The Things and the audience cooked in more ways than one.  That didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the performance however.

Debbie Dart sang most of the tunes and played guitar and tambourine.  She put on an amazing performance as the Shore Things’ front woman.  Debbie’s hubby, Charlie Dart, played left-handed drums and came forward to play congas.  Also switching it up was Dave Perry the Shore Things’ keyboard player.  He came forward to play congas and sing.  He also went to the back to play the other set of drums and sang harmonies to several songs.  Not to be outdone, Dave Curran, lead guitar, pulled out a harmonica for a tune or two.  For the next event, the Shore Things are expecting to have a bass player!

North Shore Music would like to thank all the family and friends that cooked along with the band both inside and outside.  If any of you have photos you’d like to include with the ones above, please let one of the Daves know.

After the show, people cooled down by dragging their chairs off the beach and into the waters of Hay Bay, while the children enjoyed playing and swimming.

At dusk, there were sparklers followed by a grand fireworks display and a campfire with roasted marshmallows.  Yummy!  What a way to end an awesome day!


Building Your Instrument – Your Voice

Your voice is the most personal instrument you can ever play.  Just like a guitar has to be made and have strings attached before it can be played or a drum set has to be manufactured and setup before the drummer is ready to play, there are some things that you need to do to build this instrument called your voice.

At the North Shore Music you will be taught everything you need to know to make your voice the best it can be.  Along with building your voice, you will also be taught the techniques to be able to “play” your voice.

Lesson Tasks Include (but are not limited to) The Following:
  • Support and Placement (breath control and articulation)
  • Microphone Technique
  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm
  • Theory
  • Harmonies
  • Stripping Songs

Dave will assist you in selecting songs that are right for your voice and capabilities.  If you are in a band, bring in the music your band is playing that you want to sing.  He can even assist you with putting the harmonies together!  Better yet, bring in your band to work with both Daves!

Looking For A Bass Player

North Shore Music is looking for a bass player to join The Shore Things.

The Shore Things are a band in their fifties and sixties looking to play at local events in Napanee, Kingston, Belleville, and surrounding areas.  They play a variety of cover tunes including artists such as Collin James, Van Morrison, Blue Rodeo, Melissa Etheridge, and Fleetwood Mac, to name a few.

The Shore Things have a keyboard player, a drummer (or 2), a couple of singers, and a guitar player, and are looking for a bass player to complete the band.

Please complete the contact form below or send a Facebook message to show your interest.

Thank you!

Contact North Shore Music